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High-quality stainless steel flat nose pliers will become indispensable in your laboratory, clean room, hospital or workshop.


– Made of stainless steel
– High corrosion resistance
– Self-healing protective layer
– Possibility of multiple sterilization


We offer a variety of stainless steel flat nose pliers with a chrome finish that provide with the additional hardness and longer life.
All products withstand the numerous sterilization, high pressure and temperature. The material is not susceptible to corrosion, and all flat nose pliers are ready for use in sterile conditions or in aggressive environments. All products are made in Germany with appropriate quality. Stainless steel flat nose pliers are always in stock.

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Stainless steel is an alloy steel with a high content of chromium, or an iron and nickel alloy, resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere and aggressive environments.
The main advantages of products, made of stainless steel:
– corrosion resistance under industrial and domestic conditions (equipment, components for oil and gas, light, machine-building industry, surgical instruments, stainless household utensils and containers are made of them);
– heat resistance – i.e. resistance to corrosion at high temperatures in highly aggressive environments (for example, at chemical plants);
– heat resistance – i.e. good mechanical strength at high temperatures.


The reason for corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly due to the fact that a thin film of insoluble oxides is formed on the surface of a chromium-containing part in contact with the aggressive medium, while the state of material surface, absence of internal stresses and crystalline defects are of great importance. The increased atmospheric corrosion resistance of steel is achieved as a rule by a targeted change in its chemical composition. It is believed that the small additives of nickel, chromium and, especially, phosphorus and copper increase most effectively the resistance of construction steels to atmospheric corrosion.


The sterility of stainless steel tools is achieved in different ways, depending on application of a tool. It could be:
– Sterilization in a dry oven at high temperatures
– Autoclaving at high atmospheric pressure
– Boiling in distilled water with added impurities
– Use of ionizing radiation


The Sterile stainless steel products are necessary for complete and comprehensive equipping of research centers, medical facilities and other similar organizations, which cannot function without laboratory analyzes. The quality of the tests that are carried out, the speed and accuracy of the research work, as well as the safety of specialists fully depend on the use of stainless steel tools. The products, presented in the catalog, meet all standards and requirements.


We, as a major importer, have signed the profitable programs of cooperation with suppliers, so we have the opportunity to sell high quality products at the best prices, offer excellent conditions for sale of stainless steel tools and accessories.


The main principle of our cooperation is the responsibility and professionalism. We are interested in fulfilling all our obligations primarily because we value the name of our company, the reputation of our suppliers and respect for our customers and partners.


The sterile tools, offered on our website, are the products with guaranteed quality mark. Our product range is constantly expanding, meeting the needs of all consumer markets and satisfying the individual customer requirements. Stainless steel tools are always in stock. We fulfill the accepted order as soon as possible.