About us

We are partners and distributors of Sistema-MK (Germany). The purpose of our activity is to expand the markets for the company’s products, solve technical issues and IT support.

The MK system is a group of companies that offer products and solutions for the industry, medicine, pharmaceutics, chemical laboratories, cosmetology and a number of other areas. We offer stainless sterile tools that are used for complete and comprehensive equipping of research centers, medical facilities and other similar organizations, which cannot function without laboratory analyzes.

Our products are made from stainless steel that is not susceptible to corrosion and is absolutely ready for use in sterile or aggressive environments

All products are of excellent quality and manufactured exclusively in Germany.

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Practical suitability of stainless steel tools

Hardness grade for workshops: Minimal hardness meets standard hardness of standard tools (special hardening process)

lifelong steam-pressure-temperature-autoclaving cycles at up to 134°C / 2 bar (pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, hospital sector, etc.). Therefore all tools must be either stainless steel or autoclaving-safe special synthetic material.

Functional practical suitability: No compromise in functionality. Guarantee: Life-long guarantee against breaking and manufacturing defects.

No fats or oils: All tools and tool trolleys/boxes are fat and oil free (including fittings and ratchets). This allows for countless autoclaving cycles at up to 134°C / 2 bar (pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, hospital sector, etc.).